Remote Internships Program Information

How does the program work?

Our program makes the process of working with international interns extremely easy and cost-free. Once we have your designated internship positions, we will begin recruiting candidates for your positions. You can choose to accept, review, or reject any candidate. After you confirm an intern, The CareerUp Remote Internship Program handles all the logistics for the intern and ensures they are ready to work on the scheduled start date. The CareerUp Remote Internship Program also provides each intern with 24/7 support to ensure their internship goes smoothly.

Will there be a charge?

Our internship placement service is completely free for our partners. The CareerUp Remote Internship Program is fully funded by the students and their universities.

What is the Intern Dashboard?

The Intern Dashboard is an online platform where you will review candidates, request interviews, and confirm internships. The dashboard organizes your candidates and allows you to hire with a single click.

If I accept an intern, what do I have to do?

Our team takes care of all the necessary arrangements outside of your office to ensure that the interns are ready for their scheduled start dates. We will coordinate with your office for the first day of their internship.

What about compensation?

Interns’ compensation is at your discretion. Depending on industry standards and competitivity, some of our partners choose to offer a stipend to our interns.

When are interns available and what are the upcoming program dates?

The CareerUp Remote Internship Program has five programs throughout the year in January, June, July, August, and October. Interns choose to participate in the session that fits their academic schedule best.


How long do the Interns usually stay?

Most of our interns are available for 2 or 3 months, full-time due to their academic calendar. We’ve found that this is an optimal amount of time for them to complete a number of different projects and gain valuable professional experience.

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